Why Is It Essential to Clean your Kitchen Duct?

All kitchen systems accumulate extraction of oil and grease over a period of long time. This extraction has various negative effects. The contaminated exhaust found in the ducts and may require duct cleaning. All types of Kitchens extraction are highly inflammable and therefore is a chance of major ‘fire hazard’, which can lead to injury. There may be loss of life. Secondly, after a period of time the exhaust present in the ducts, the hood starts to drop below the food is being cooked. So, it may contaminate the food. If exhaust ducts are not cleaned regularly, it becomes choked after a period of time. This leads to more load on the exhaust blower. That results in increasing the electricity consumption, besides making the Kitchen area hot and uncomfortable to work in. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency), kitchen ducts need to be cleaned regularly, that based on the type of cooking.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service
Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning is a process of removing grease and dust. That accumulate the ducts inside the fans, hoods and vents of exhaust systems of kitchens. The duct in Kitchen chimneys and hoods pile up, with enough grease. Further, it becomes extreme fire hazards. The duct systems must be inspected at regular intervals. Before a dangerous amount of grease has accumulated inside ducts, it should be checked and cleaned.

Cleaning Methods:

Kitchen Ducts are found to be greasier and require wet cleaning. We use several methods for cleaning which are safe, one of which is a rotating brush. Another one is the high-pressure steam nozzle. The other method involves professional descending upon the ducts, upon the size of the duct to manually clean the duct. All ‘cleaning agents’ that are preferred by us are generally ‘food grade’, non-inflammable’, ‘environmentally safe’ and metal friendly.

A Kitchen Duct Cleaning Will Include:

  • The exhaust fans should be properly operating.
  • Should keep in view upon covering and removal of the appliance and draping upon the hood
  • Check the filters that are properly maintained (Removal, soaking and cleaning)
  • Scrape and clean the hood duct 
  • Clean of the system with a high-pressure washer and cleaning chemical (FDA approved)
  • Verification of the ventilation system and check if leaks
  • Cleaning the fan and replacement if required.
  • Clean of the affected area around the equipment
  • Polish the hood 
Duct Cleaning Service
Duct Cleaning Service

How Professionals Can Help You?

If you have a kitchen exhaust system, Marks Duct Cleaning is the company you can trust to clean it. The professional duct cleaning techniques can help in refurbishing the appearance of the kitchen. Any kind of duct related problem our professional can deal it with effectively. Thus you can implement such steps effectively. Marks Duct Cleaning professional duct cleaning in Melbourne offers kitchen exhaust & Ventilation Duct cleaning. The kitchen duct systems in hotels, hospitals, restaurants and home are first cleaned. Then it is washed with food-safe chemicals and hot water pressure washing is done. The chemicals are applied with any kinds of sprayer or pressure washer.

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