In What Can Animal Intrusion Be Damaging For The Health Of Your Duct Work?

Introduction A lot of people have this question “Does intrusion of animals cause harm to my HVAC ductwork?”. The simple answer to this question is Yes. Animals are dangerous for the proper functioning of the HVAC duct system. It is one of the prime reasons for the development of leakage in your air duct. This leads to a reduction in the comfort and energy efficiency of the HVAC system. To get rid of this problem, it is very important to take the help of a competent Duct cleaning. Along with calling a duct cleaning specialist, it is required to be aware of the type of harm that is caused by animal intrusion in your HVAC ductwork.   How Rats, Raccoons […]

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How Leakage can Take Place in your Air-Ducts

Air Duct Repair

Your heating and cooling system depends upon ductwork. Therefore a damaged or discontinued heating or cooling can make your system energy efficient. So with minor care or air-duct repair services, you can get a fresh environment.   Investigating and Fixing the Problem: Generally, we all prefer the proper maintenance of our electronic appliances after a certain interval of time. On the other hand whenever you notice any changes in normal functioning; then it is a major aspect of concern. If there is leakage then there are ample signs which are easy to notice. The most popular sign is instantly starting of the air conditioner. High Noise: If your air-conditioner starts whistling or makes humming noise; then it is a sign […]

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Reasons For Increased Electricity Consumption By Your Air-Conditioner

Air Conditioner Repair Services

Air-conditioner is already a source of high consuming energy. Or when it is damaged and not working well for some reasons, it will consume more electricity. People, who are living in warm spots definitely, they will have to utilise more air conditioning system. In such cases, the AC system becomes one of the busiest appliances in the home and also consume more energy. So, it is your responsibility to take care of your cooling system by duct repairing and cleaning. Most of the homeowners wonder and blame their AC system for consuming so much electricity in spite of repairing and cleaning them. However, you can get some relief from knowing the fact that modern and advanced air conditioners are more […]

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Tips

Professional Duct Cleaning

Commercial duct cleaning aids your industrial enterprises to preserve money on electricity and enhance inside air quality by eliminating grime, dirt and rubble from your HVAC unit. And rather than spending your precious money and time on some various unknown company it is better to hire a licensed and acknowledged company. Hence, If you try maintaining them clean on your own is not a simple task. Lack of proper knowledge and techniques might create a mess. Therefore, it is advisable for you to hire a Professional Duct Cleaning service. These Tips will Help you to Maintain The Ducts Clean Maintain your Commercial Buildings Well Preserved Commercial buildings preservation is essential to happily and practically managing a corporation. Being a company […]

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Duct Contaminants that can be Removed by Hiring Professional Duct Cleaners

Professional Duct Cleaners

Ducts are responsible for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. They ensure proper air circulation. Dirty ducts mean polluted air that you will be breathing and dusty homes. This can lead to various health problems as well. Over time, dust and other pollutants can get accumulated in your ducts, regular Duct Cleaning is necessary for their proper functioning and your health. Routine duct cleaning clears the duct of any contaminant and clears any air blockages all the while making the process energy efficient. It is advised that you hire Professional Duct Cleaning Services regularly to maintain the air quality of your house and your health. They can also take care of your Duct Sanitization and Duct Deodorization. Here are the Major […]

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How to Clean Ducts of Black Mould?

Duct Cleaning Service

If you recently shifted to a new home. Just bought a new office to start your business or have you been living in your homes without ever thinking about the quality of air and maintaining your ducts. Most often people think about vacuum duct cleaning but they often forget that ducts can harbour mould infestation too. The moisture and our dead skin cells get trapped in the ducts and provide a breeding ground for black moulds to form. These are the most common fungal infestation an often require professional duct cleaning services to terminate. Moulds can cause serious harm to you and your loved ones. Improper termination or neglecting duct cleaning will cause the fungus to spread around the house. […]

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Why Do You Need to Hire Professional Duct Cleaning Services?

Professional Duct Cleaning Service

Air ducts basically are respirators of our home and they help in maintaining a regular flow of air throughout the interiors. Exchanges of gases from the outside to inside help in maintaining the freshness of indoor air and keeps the temperature in check. Ducts are prone to the daily accumulation of dirt, dust and debris, this dust can get dispersed in the indoor air we breathe in. Another big risk is that of black mould, dirty ducts are at risk of mould formation. It is necessary to maintain a proper duct sanitisation and follow routine duct cleaning from time to time. Professional duct cleaning services can provide you with effective duct cleaning, duct sanitisation, duct deodorisation and duct decontamination services […]

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Why It is Essential to Test Carbon Monoxide at Home?

Carbon Monoxide Testing

We use carbon on a daily basis at an alarming rate. Carbon-based substances are mainly used in combustion. During the combustion process, two types of carbon gases form–carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide has its uses and disadvantages whereas carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Inhaling Carbon monoxide at low concentration can make you nauseous while it is lethal at higher quantities. Is Testing Carbon Monoxide Necessary? These reasons for Carbon Monoxide testing at home are an eye opener for all:- This carbon emission is colorless, odorless, tasteless and doesn’t cause any type of distress when you inhale it. It inhibits blood from absorbing oxygen into cells, tissue and all vital organs. When that occurs, you would not be […]

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9 Ways “DUCT CLEANING” Can Make You Invincible

Professional Duct Cleaning Service

Duct cleaning is not an easy task however, we can certainly check for any signs to contact the professionals in order to get the job done. Prioritize the health of the family since subtle changes in the air quality could cause chronic related disorders. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0410 453 896, we at Marks Duct Cleaning will provide a swift inspection and reasonable pricing to take of the cleaning for you. Cleaning Ducts, What We Need to Know? There are several benefits and reasons for you to have the duct cleaned. They Are: People who are suffering from chronic related respiratory disorders required better air quality and you are aware of this fact. Cleaning ducts will certainly […]

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How Duct Heating Cleaning Improves Efficiency

Duct Heating Cleaning Service

The only way to improve the efficiency of air-duct is cleaning. Whether it is cold winters or hot summers the duct system are known for their effective working. So it is quite obvious that this machinery also wants maintenance after regular interval of time.  For ducted heating cleaning, there are some technical steps which need to be followed for good ventilation techniques. Working with Duct Cleaning for Increasing Heating Efficiency: In winters the air-duct is used to maintain the room temperature. Therefore by moving heat in overall areas; the ductwork is processed to the air vents as well as overall corners of your home. In this circulation process; the condenser, as well as other units of HVAC Systems, plays an […]

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