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Should You Have The Air Ducts In Your Home Cleaned?

Air Duct Cleaning

You must have asked yourself many times. Should I have the air ducts cleaned? You might even wonder whether air duct cleaning is worth it or is it just a scam? Well, most of the HVAC companies provide air duct cleaning as a part of the maintenance. In fact, they promise better air quality as well as efficiency of the system. But the point is does cleaning air ducts in my home actually provide all these benefits? 

Should you clean the air ducts in your home or not?

Here, we provide some information that may help you to decide that should or shouldn’t clean the air ducts in your home. Clearly stating, there is no such proof or evidence that says air duct cleaning improves the HVAC system’s efficiency. Neither does it say that it will ward off your health problems. So, as of now, we cannot undoubtedly say that air duct cleaning will benefit you. However, there is proof that dirty motors, HVAC coils, and handling units can make the system unproductive or useless.

Although we cannot completely confirm that air duct cleaning is helpful, we can certainly advise you to keep a check on your air ducts. There might be possible problems that hinder the efficiency of the HVAC system. So, you can consider having your air ducts cleaned under certain circumstances given below:

  • If there are large obstructions or dust particles affecting the airflow. 
  • If you find animal or insect bodies in the air ducts. Not only that but any rodent droppings or animal feces would also need cleaning of the ducts.
  • When your ducts are possibly affected by mould infestations. Check out for musty or mouldy smells in such cases.
  • In case of an unexplained allergy to you or any family member. Sudden discomfort or allergy can be due to dirty ducts.

Is air duct cleaning in my home really worth it?

It is an obvious thing that your equipment won’t be working properly because of clogs in the air ducts. Or even if there is a lot of dust and debris in them, it is likely to affect the efficacy of your whole system. Suppose your air duct is clogged, then the system would take a lot of energy and effort to provide the desired results. This in turn will definitely take a toll on the HVAC system in your house.

Although there might not be any proof for clean air ducts improving the system functionality, you can still do it. But only if you keep cleaning the air ducts on a regular basis. Nonetheless, cleaning the ducts may cause more dust to enter your house due to the loosening of the debris, as a matter of fact. So, in a nutshell, air duct cleaning in your home is not worth it unless there is a considerate situation. 

The bottom line is…

Duct cleaning is often a popular thing that many house owners trust in. That is because they want good quality air for themselves as well as their family. Also, they want their surroundings to be clean and germ-free. So cleaning the ducts in your home can actually make sense if you think of it this way. The only risk is when you do it improperly. Never hop on to clean the air ducts on your own because DIY cleaning of ducts can go wrong.

It is always better to hire professional air duct cleaner for the job. They have the proper knowledge and skills to clean the air ducts. And again, it is important to keep in mind that only if it is done in a proper way, that too by certified professionals, it will benefit you. 

So, to conclude you should have the air ducts in your home cleaned only if you are getting it done by professionals.

Marks G worked as professional duct cleaning subcontractor over 10 years ago. He started his own business in year 2011 and since then he never looked back. At the moment Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne helping Victorians with they duct cleaning and duct repairs need every year. Mark enjoy the work and writing blog for home owners regarding importance of duct cleaning and duct sanitisation services. Marks Duct Cleaning open 24 X 7 to take bookings around Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and other suburbs around Melbourne and regional Vicotria.

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