Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Melbourne

Regular cleaning of kitchen exhaust system is very important to ensure a safe environment for cooking. When the exhaust system of the kitchen will be clean it will provide a clean, safer, cooler and healthy environment for your residential and commercial kitchen. Exhaust system can catch fire if grease and flames are brought together inside the system. But your mind will stay relax when you will know that your kitchen is operating under safe and certified standards. We at Mark’s Duct Cleaning provide the first line of defense against the risky incidents that can happen in your kitchen. Mark’s Duct Cleaning is the best service provider of kitchen exhaust system cleaning Melbourne.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Melbourne
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Melbourne

Advantages of kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Melbourne

  1. It minimizes the risk of fire in the duct
  2. It improves ventilation system
  3. It is in accordance with Australian Standards
  4. It is in compliance with OH&S regulations
  5. It prevent costly damages and breakdowns
  6. It increases the life of kitchen equipment
  7. It saves energy
  8. It provides clean and healthy environment for people working in kitchen
  9. It helps remove food source for rodents and insects.

Why Choose Mark’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Kitchen Filter Banks Rebuilds
Kitchen Filter Banks Rebuilds

According to a research the quality of air in air conditioned building and distribution systems is one of the prime sources of contaminants and a breeding place for micro bacteria/spores, such as the dust mite which aggravate allergies and breathing problems, such as asthma.
Mark’s Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne has been in operation for 10 years and has been persistence in the market for kitchen exhaust cleaning Melbourne through a complete focus on quality work, integrity and customer service.
We give emphasis through our actions, our commitment to our employees and our customers for quality, continuous improvement, training, environment protection and OH&S.

  • Our employees are comprehensively trained in OH&S and are certified for confined space work.
  • Our team is trained for working at heights.
  • Fully insured- workers compensation, public liability.
  • We provide written report with before and after photographs supplied with certificate.
  • We also provide certificate of compliance on request.
  • Our team is approved for the department of defense for NAVY VESSELS
  • Australian owned and operated

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Melbourne

The commercial kitchens are used for cooking food on a large level. We know that a lot of people work in the kitchen. The blow of oil and water humidity mixed air through the exhauster makes a layer and accumulation of greasy and oily dirt on the blades of the exhauster and in the motor of the exhauster. The greasy part is a good fuel and often results in a fire causing human and capital damages. Get the help of professionals to clean them and give a safe and secure environment for your men. Mark’s Duct Cleaning renders professionals who are trained and experienced in this work. So you can choose us to get served by our team.

How we do Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Melbourne

An evaluation has to be done for the duct network and then the access panels are cut into the ducts at calculated points to allow the brushing and vacuuming of the inside surfaces. When surfaces become reachable they are brushed and vacuumed and then a solution is introduced into the duct as a fog. This solution soaks any remaining particulate in the ductwork and muddles them together. The properties of the solution cause it to shrink and pull away from the duct surfaces which allow the matter to be detached to end filters by the fan pressure. This solution, when dry, does not pose any health problems for residents of the building.

[symple_box color=”green” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”left” width=””]A micro biocidal disinfectant is then fogged through the ducts, which kills bacteria and fungus and this material forms a membrane within the ductwork, where it continues to act as a disinfectant for up to 12 months. This solution, when dry, does not pose any health problems for occupants of the building.
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Our complete kitchen exhaust cleaning Melbourne can thoroughly clean your kitchen exhaust by using specialized equipment and degreaser. It will deep clean your vent hood filters. Our wide-ranging cleaning services include areas like back door areas, front door entry areas, high volume parking areas, etc. Our professionals clean the entire kitchen exhaust system from Roof-top to Cook-top, adhering to the highest Australian cleaning standards.
Breathe healthy, live healthy. Clean your kitchen exhaust system Melbourne now. Contact Mark’s Duct Cleaning for more information. Call us at 03 4014 9992.

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