Coil Cleaning Melbourne

Coil Cleaning Melbourne
Coil Cleaning Melbourne

Mark’s Duct Cleaning holds a comprehensive experience of 10 years of serving customers by providing them personalized, high-quality coil cleaning service Melbourne. Coil cleaning Melbourne is an essential step in maintaining your air conditioning unit. Coils if blocked and dirty can increase cooling costs as much as 35 percent. Blocked, contaminated and damaged heating and cooling coils can have an immediate impact on HVAC systems performance and indoor air quality. Our coil cleaning and disinfection control processes incorporate high pressure detergent washing and antimicrobial treatments to remove contaminants such as dust, organic debris, and active mould and bacteria growth. So to reduce your cooling costs and increase your comfort call Mark’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne and we will give you the best coil cleaning service. There are two types of coils that are present in an air conditioner. The indoor coil is called the evaporator coil and the outdoor coil is called condenser coil. Both these coils control the temperatures, air flow and moisture of an air conditioning system. As there is continuous air flow in the system, the coils become clogged with dust which results in decreased heat transfer, corrosion in the coil and poor indoor air cooling. This affects the functioning of the coil and sometimes result in a failure of it. Regular cleaning is necessary for coils to remove all the dust, debris and foreign contaminants and increase the efficiency of the system.

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Why Coil Cleaning Is Important?

The buildup of dirt and grime on your condenser coils, reduce the efficiency of the unit and make it work harder to cool your home or building. The surface area of the condenser coils makes heat exchange possible. Coils covered with debris reduce the surface area which increases strain on the system which as a result decreases the necessary level of cooling. Additional problems associated with dirty coils include the following:

  1. It Increases the unit operating temperature and pressure
  2. It increases the wear and tear on the system due to increased workload
  3. Buildup of ice on condenser coils
  4. More power consumption
  5. Increase your electricity bills

How We Do Coil Cleaning Melbourne?

Mark’s Duct Cleaning has an expertise in coil cleaning services Melbourne for all makes and models of air conditioning equipment. Our technical team carefully removes the exterior of the unit, paying close attention so as not to damage the delicate fins necessary for proper air flow. Coils are cleaned using approved cleaners and advance equipment which removes even the toughest caked-on dirt. After cleaning of coil is done, we assemble the removed components and test the unit to ensure it is working properly.

Cost of coil cleaning Melbourne

Regular coil cleaning Melbourne of your air conditioner should be done. Mark’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne provides reliable coil cleaning services to improve function and efficiency at a very affordable price with 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee. Call us at 03 4014 9992 today to learn more about the cost associated with this maintenance service.

Don’t allow your air conditioner to increase your tension and electricity bills. Feel free to call Mark’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne at 03 4014 9992. We will give you the best solution to your coil cleaning Melbourne solution.