Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

Mark’s Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning offers professional evaporative cooler cleaning, split system cleaning, HVAC System Cleaning & sanitisation Services. Professional AC cleaning professional in Melbourne. Improve indoor air quality. Call 03 4014 9992 for the same day bookings at your doorstep.

Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning
Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

Why Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning is Important

As air conditioners are extremely important part of residence as well as offices their usage is also at a very high level. Because of being highly used the ventilation system starts to get choked with contaminants like fungi, molds, bacteria and dust. Due to this contamination the quality of air starts to degrade leading to an odd smell of the circulating air. This process of contaminated air leads to breathing problems like for those exposed to it for a long time. Wash away all your tensions and worries we provide the best services in air conditioning  Duct Cleaning Melbourne.

To freshen up the air in which you breathe with our air conditioning duct cleaning Melbourne, Call Mark’s Duct Cleaning!

Reason to choose Mark’s Duct Cleaning Air Duct Cleaning service

We have a highly skilled and professional team who will routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC). We will always follow the best way to deal with the cleaning process of your conditioner system. Our dedicatedly performed service for air duct cleaning Melbourne will extend the life of your implements. Our air duct cleaning Melbourne service is affordable which suits your budget and will gives you 100% satisfaction and clean air to breathe.
Before cleaning, you can request bacterial swab testing, which will allow the preparation of a full report by an independent laboratory. These tests should be performed once in a year to provide a clear picture.

The cleaning process consists of two stages:

Stage 1: Air Handling unit Cleaning Melbourne/ fan Coil Unit Cleaning Melbourne:

Outlet registers are sealed to hold dust and debris in duct work, so that the whole process of cleaning can be performed hassle free. Heating and cooling coils method for cleaning: Coils can be air / water chemically treated. Contaminated water is then removed for safe disposal.

Stage 2: Contamination removal Melbourne:

A negative pressure is created in each zone of the duct work using an extraction unit. The company’s unique method for source removal of contamination from the supply exhaust air systems can be achieved with high pressure air washing to agitate the internal sections of duct work.

We Deliver you Safe and Affordable Duct Cleaning Results.

Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Features of Mark’s Duct Cleaning’s service

  • Our service will restore peak energy efficiency.
  • Will help in eliminating offensive odors.
  • Our service will reduce the growth of mold and fungi in duct.
  • Improve indoor air-quality.
  • Helps in saving energy.
  • We use advance equipment which produce amazing results.

Same Day Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Service

The problems in the ducts of your air conditioning at a sudden can really create an irritating situation and the technicians usually take time to come for the service. Now, you need not worry as you can get the same day service booking with Mark’s Duct Cleaning. Our professionals will be at your door within a limited time with the service. The same day service has been helpful to many customers. So make a booking with us whenever you need air conditioning duct cleaning service in an urgent situation.

We are the market leaders in providing air conditioning duct cleaning Melbourne service in commercial sectors also. We cover lots of hospitals, schools, shopping malls, factories and other commercial complexes in Melbourne. We have 10 years of in-depth experience in this air conditioning duct cleaning Melbourne industry. Through our air duct cleaners, we can easily assess your system and take up a wide-ranging cleaning protocol to refurbish your office HVAC system. We provide you with commercial air duct cleaning in Melbourne, which will help run your system more effectively at the same time it will reduce your service costs.

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Customer’s Reviews

”Result-oriented Duct Cleaning Services”

Marks Duct Cleaning commits to provide extreme quality workmanship in duct cleaning to their clients. You will find a various duct cleaning service provider in Melbourne but not every one of them is effective enough to clean the ducts. However, Marks Duct Cleaning is totally different. They know exactly how to clean the ducts and uses an effective cleaning solution to remove any kind of bacteria, germs, allergens, and all sorts of pollutants completely from your duct. They deliver an excellent result to their customers. I found the Marks Duct Cleaning as the best in the market and would highly recommend them.
- Samuel

Melbourne's Best Duct Cleaning Service

We will highly recommend Mark's Duct Cleaning service. I have big office space in the Doncaster and had called many professional cleaners but nothing like Mark. He done amazing job, all our staff is really happy with duct cleaning job. In our building lot more cooling than ever before. No doubt Mark is best cleaner in Victoria. With Regards, Rob
- Rob

”Fully Satisfied”

Satisfaction! That’s the one word to best describe what you can expect with Marks Duct Cleaning services. Their excellent customer service and superior cleaning techniques give us the confidence to choose them for duct cleaning needs. I am happy to recommend their services.
- Natnael