Say no to allergens and airborne diseases with Regular Duct Cleaning Service

Say no to allergens and airborne diseases with Regular Duct Cleaning Service

Dirty ducts can act as perfect breeding grounds for a variety of diseases. It can also reduce the efficiency of your systems making it consume high electricity. Hence, you must make sure that your ducts are clean all time to protect your family and keep a check on your electricity bill. Accumulation of harmful bacteria inside ducts can also cause airborne diseases such as asthma. The clean and debris free duct is your solution to a healthier home or office.

Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne

Some of  The Important Facts Related To Ducts

Most of the time spent by Australians is indoors. A dirty duct can adversely affect the air quality making it deteriorate and filled with germs.(IMAP)

About 20 kgs od dust gets accumulated annually in a typical six-room home. (NADCA)

Some age groups such as children, pregnant ladies, and elderly group are more vulnerable to airborne diseases.

Severe diseases such as cancer, heart problems, asthma, allergies are all linked to poor quality of air.(NSW Government)

Allergies, asthma, lung cancer and heart problems have all been linked to poor indoor air quality. (Source: EPA)

Indoor air can be 70% more toxic and polluted than outdoor air. (EPA)

When does it become necessary to go for Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Experts in Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Experts in Melbourne

 Dust can accumulate anytime even if you find everything around you clean. Ducts can catch up dirt particles very fast. Here are some of the concern situations when Duct Cleaning becomes vital:-

1) When you can see dust around especially around the air return vent

Dust can be seen with naked eyes and when you spot dust in your room or things, then it becomes clear that there is accumulated dust in your ducts as well.

2) When you find stale odor in the room on switching on the system

A stale odor in the room is an indication of harmful bad bacteria and fungi. Kindly go for duct cleaning services if you find foul especially smell on switching on the system.

3) When you renovate your home or build a new one

Renovation of a home involves a lot of dust, dirt, debris and other materials which can quickly line up in the duct making it dirty. Hence, duct inspection and repairing become vital.

4) If you have never gone for duct repair or cleaning services

Duct Repair or Cleaning Service
Duct Repair or Cleaning Service

It becomes obvious that your duct has become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria if you have never got it cleaned. Book a Duct Cleaning Service now to get rid of all the germs and dirt.

Mark’s Duct Cleaning Services- One stop destination for all your duct cleaning requirements

We are a leading name in terms of duct cleaning services with a staff which is highly qualified and efficient with years of experience. We use powerful state of the art duct cleaning equipment and remove all the dirt and debris from your air duct after thoroughly inspecting it. We are available 24*7 to offer you our exceptional services. We are not limited to just air conditioner duct cleaning but involve a wide array of other ducts as well such as kitchen exhaust duct cleaning, Laundry Duct Cleaning, sealing duct cleaning etc. We also specialize in duct installation and duct maintenance services. So place an order now and breathe fresher air.


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