Our Customers Enquiries

Name: Michael
Location: 3136
Subject: Heating duct clean and repair
Page Location: https://www.marksductcleaning.com.au/

Message Body:
We have a rodent smell coming from duct (gas ducted heating). I unattached one section that had rodent droppings/liquid. Are you able to clean and check that remaining ducts are rodent free? Are you also able to replace duct I have removed? Heating unit is new. Ducts under house – reasonably good access under house. Hoping you can help!


Name: Wayne

Location: 3042
Subject: Gas ducted heating & Evap coolinh
Message Body:
Hi, to service and clean both (floor) ducted heating & Evap cooling (ceiling), how much will it be?


Name: Tori

Subject: Duct Cleaning Quote

Message Body:
Good Morning,

Are you able to provide a quote for patching holes in ducted heating caused by rats and then cleaning out the ducts?

Thank you.


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