How to Get Rid of Black Mould in Your Air Duct?

Black mould is a kind of fungus that can create a huge number of health issues in your home. Besides your carpeting, upholstered items, curtains, and mattress, it can also grow inside your ducting systems as well. Mould does not demand much for its growth and survival, it can grow anywhere in the humid and stale environment. And guess what, your air ducts and vents are the perfect places for their growth. Mould grows rapidly inside ducts can cause serious health issues to homeowners and pets. Unfortunately, mould can grow in your home for months and still go unnoticed and till the time you notice, the damage is usually done. Regular duct cleaning is the best to prevent the mould growth.

Get Rid of Black Mould in Your Air Duct
Get Rid of Black Mould in Your Air Duct

What Cause Mould Growth Inside Your Ducts?

Lack of proper ventilation in the air duct leads to the development of mould. Presence of moisture inside your air duct is the most common cause of mould development. It is the condensation and high moisture level that make such situations. The mould in the duct survives by feeding on the dust, dirt, dead skin, animals dander, pollen and other debris that has accumulated inside your duct.

Sign Telling You The Presence of Mould Inside Your Duct

Presence of mould and mildew can be detected by the noticing certain signs:

  • A strong musty smell spread across the home or in adjacent rooms.
  • Several allergies like rashes, runny nose, or irritated throat and eyes on switching on an air conditioner or walking into an air-conditioned room.
  • Constant and unexplainable headaches.
  • Feeling nausea, dizziness, weariness inside the home.
Duct Cleaning & Mould Removal Services
Duct Cleaning & Mould Removal Services

As soon as you notice any of the above-mentioned signs at your place, it is better to take the necessary action. Do not wait for the visible signs of the mould.

Ways to Getting Rid of Mould in the Air Duct

  • Step 1: Inspection

    Inspection of black mould is important to determine the mould infestation extent in the ducts. Black mould is a dangerous type of fungus, an early inspection can help stop the damage and bad effects on your health.

  • Step 2: Identification

    It is important to identify the root that has caused the mould growth inside your duct. Damp walls, leakage, wet baseboards are the main cause of mould growth. Once you identify the source, treat it, so the problem does not occur in future.

  • Step 3: Insulation

    Look for the insulating material inside your HVAC system. Check whether the mould growth has reached the insulation of the system. If yes, you have to replace the insulation material as well.

  • Step 4: Cleaning

    When you have spotted the mould infested areas, clean them with the help of the effective cleaning solutions. Scrub the place with the brush and wet cloth. Repeat until the mould is completely gone out of sight.

    Air Duct Mould Removal
    Air Duct Mould Removal

Call Professionals For Effective Duct Cleaning

Black mould is highly reactive and dangerous and can cause several health issues to humans. Getting closer to the mould affected area can amplify the risk of having health issues. Therefore, it is advisable to call the professionals for the effective and safe removal of mould from your ducts. Marks Duct Cleaning is one of the best duct cleaning companies in Melbourne. Our technicians are equipped with all sort of tools, cleaning solutions and skills and know the best ways to remove mould present inside your ducting. With the best knowledge and affordable prices, we are always the top choice.

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