How to Clean Air Ventilation Duct Yourself

Be it summer or winter season, air ducts are important and this is the reason as to why their maintenance and cleanliness is important.

Air Ventilation Duct
Air Ventilation Duct
Dust gets accumulated over the air ducts and there are chances that these dirt particles and allergens circulate in the indoor air and make the indoor air unfit for breathing.

Also, dirty air duct systems often lead to the malfunctioning of the entire system and wastage of a lot of energy. So, clean air ventilation ducts actually save a lot of your money and electricity as well.

Now, cleaning the air ventilation Professional Duct Cleaners is extremely easy, and requires few tools in-hand, and you will be sorted. You can follow the following mentioned steps for cleaning the air ventilation ducts in step by step manner.

DIY Air Ventilation Duct Cleaning

  • First of all, start with covering the important things present inside your house with the help of paper towel so that the dirt particles do not settle over them. The dust particles often drift into your rooms as you do your work. Thus, covering them up, saves you from extra work of dusting, after the cleaning work is done.
  • Then, try to seal all the empty cavities with plastic bags.
  • Now, turn your focus towards cleaning the registers and the areas present inside them. For this purpose, it is best to use a brush and clean the dirt with its help. For deeper cleaning, you can also attach the brush with any sort of extension. This extension helps you to reach the niches and DIY Air Ventilation Duct Cleaning.
Best Air Ventalation Duct Cleaning
Best Air Ventilation Duct Cleaning
  • You can also use damped cotton cloth in order to wipe out the left over dust and dirt particles.
  • Now unscrew the heat duct and cold air returns which forms the two basic connection of any air duct system. Now, you may use blow air or vacuum cleaner’s pressure in order to push the dust closer to the vac part.
  • Next step is to keep the shop vac and the leaf blower on. This will prove as a driving force for all the debris to get sucked into the shop vac.
  • Keep dabbing the ducts from the outside area. This way all the dust particles get sucked into the shop vac.
  • At this point, it becomes very necessary to keep the shop vac part at the correct position, so that it takes all the incoming dust.
  • After everything is done, remove the insulation, followed by a shop vac. Put the metal plate back in position with the help of the screws. You will notice a perfectly clean and allergen free air ventilation duct.

Your work finishes at this stage. So, don’t get intimidated by the deposited dust and dirt over your Air Duct System. It is very easy to clean it yourself. You just have to be a little careful and patient with the screws.

Professional Air Ventilation Duct Cleaners

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