How to Clean Air Ducts on your own?

We all know, why air ducts are important. They do the essential task of maintaining the interior comfort by circulating the air from your heating and cooling systems into each and every room of the house. Inhaling fresh and clean air is the prime motto of installing the duct system in our house and office premises.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

There are times, when you might have felt difficulty in breathe or have noticed the odd smell in the house, this is the time when your ducts demand cleaning. If you are one of those people who does not consider duct cleaning important, let me tell you, the air produced from uncleaned ducts make your surrounding full of bacterias and viruses that can cause severe health issues. Hence, for the sake of your and family’s health, you need to consider duct cleaning once a year. So, stop avoiding and putting off this important task and get in action to avoid the major health problems.

Things you will Require:

  • Heavy Duty Vacuum
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Broom
  • Screwdriver
  • Dust Mask

Follow The Below Mentioned Steps to Clean Your Ducts

  • Switch off Duct’s Heating and Cooling Systems

    First of all, turn the power connections of the heating/cooling ducts system off.

    Duct Heating and Cooling System Melbourne
    Duct Heating and Cooling System Melbourne
  • Remove The Air Duct Covers

    Remove the covers and grills of Air Ducts from the walls with the help of a screwdriver. Clean the wall registers with the cleaning brush thoroughly in order to get rid the dust accumulated on them. If the registers are extremely dusty, and brushing is not enough, consider washing them in hot and soapy water. Repeat the process with the floor duct covers.

  • Vacuum Your  Ducts

    Once you are done cleaning duct covers and grilles, it’s time to clean the ducts. You will have to rent a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, as the household vacuum will not be able to meet the purpose. So, get a heavy duty cleaner to deep clean the ducts. The vacuum should have a long hose so that it can reach deeper into the ducts. A powerful vacuum can extract the mold and mildew that might have grown inside the ducts.

  • Clean the Ceiling Covers

    Clean the Ceiling Covers
    Clean the Ceiling Covers

    Ceiling Duct Cleaning Service might not be possible on your own, so, the least you can do is to clean the ceiling registers. It might be difficult for you to reach the ceiling grills, with vacuum, hence, consider using a broom. Get the dust out of the covers using the broom, but don’t forget to wear the dust mask.

Consider Taking Professional Help

There is obviously a  huge difference between the techniques used by the professionals and you. While you try to clean the duct system on your own, there is the chance that some sections of the ducts still left uncleaned. Plus, professionals can also clean the ducts thoroughly that are difficult to reach. You can call Marks Duct Cleaning for the duct cleaning services and get the best assistance. We offer a number of the duct cleaning, maintaining and repairing services including ceiling duct cleaning, residential duct cleaning, commercial duct cleaning, installation of additional heating ducts, ducted heating service, heating duct coil replacement and more.