What is Your Duct Cleaning Procedure?

We follow a very effective and Safe Duct Cleaning in Melbourne procedure. Our duct cleaning procedure is as follows:

1) Duct Pre-Inspection – In the first step, our cleaners will come and inspect your duct properly and safely. If your duct needs any repairing then our cleaners will inform you in the first stage only.
2) Duct Cleaning – After inspection, we will clean your duct thoroughly. We have well trained our cleaners to use safe solution and clean all the parts of the duct including motor fans, vent grills, heating fan, filters, and air grills.
3) Duct Sanitizing – Afterwards, we sanitize your duct using the best product. Duct sanitizing and deodorizing is very important to keep the duct healthy and hygiene.
4) Duct Post Inspection – At the end, our team will do a post-cleaning inspection to ensure that our clients receive the best result.

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