How do you Clean the Ducts?

We follow a step-by-step procedure to provide you spotlessly cleaned ducts. The process begins the moment you give us a call for duct cleaning for commercial or residential purpose. Our cleaners visit your place to pre-inspect all the ducts that are to be cleaned. Next comes a close examination of the heater of the duct. It is checked to find out if it is working fine or not. Then our cleaners clean the air grill and the duct filters with the help of an air gun. Next step is to remove the return air vent and clean it thoroughly. Then our cleaners will again use air gun to properly clean the motor, fan and other parts of the duct. Finally, we spray bactigas in the ducts to make them hygienic for use. This complete process ensures that your ducts are cleaned and checked immaculately for a longer and healthier working period.

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