Duct cleaning FAQ.  It is natural to feel speculative when you are hiring duct cleaning services in Melbourne for the first time. With duct cleaning faq, we aim to clear off any confusions and queries that you might have.

Duct Cleaning FAQ

Do you guys provide Free Carbon Monoxide Testing?

Yes, we do provide FREE duct carbon monoxide testing with our deluxe ducted heating cleaning & servicing. Also, as part of duct repair service we do provide Free carbon monoxide testing.

What is the best Season for Duct Cleaning?

There is no best Season for duct cleaning, if there is smell coming out of your duct or if not a good air flow. Then you probably need duct cleaning.

Why it is necessary to have carbon monoxide testing?

Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas that is also known as silent killer. It is a very serious and dangerous gas that could lead to fatal issues. It has been found that faulty ducts can have carbon monoxide leakage and the worst part is that this gas cannot be seen or smelled at any time. So you will never be able to find out if your duct is leaking this gas or not. The best and only way is to hire professionals like Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne and get your ducts checked for any kind of leakage. We do perform carbon monoxide testing at affordable cost to ensure the safety of you and your family!

Are all your cleaning experts insured?

Yes, with Marks Duct Cleaning you do not have to worry about that. All our duct cleaning experts are completely insured and thus your home, property, and all to-be cleaned items are in secured hands. You can call our insured duct cleaning experts now!

Can you provide a free quote for duct cleaning in Melbourne?

We will be more than happy to provide a free quote for duct cleaning in Melbourne. You just have to call Marks Duct Cleaning and speak with our executives. They will ask you a few questions and will provide you a rough estimate for your specific requirements.

Can you provide heater unit servicing for residential ducts?

Yes, we have expert team of duct cleaners who work on heater units only. You can avail heater unit servicing for residential ducts from Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne at an economical price.

Where are your duct cleaning services available?

Marks Duct Cleaning delivers its complete range of duct cleaning services in all suburbs of Melbourne. Further, we also service the remote areas of Melbourne.

Is duct cleaning a messy process?

No. Our duct specialists at Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne use the latest duct cleaning equipment with powerful vacuum devices with HEPA filters to ensure there is literally no mess at all in your room. Just give us a ring and we will do a mess-free duct cleaning for your homes and offices.

Is there any price difference in getting ceiling duct cleaning?

Yes, ceiling duct cleaning is much easier than floor duct cleaning. In floor duct cleaning we have to crawl inside floor the manhole of your floor and spend lot more time to clean the duct system. However, in ceiling duct cleaning, we can use compressor pipe to clean your ducts and usually take much less time. Hence cost of ceiling duct cleaning is economical as compare to floor duct cleaning.

Why duct cleaning is important?

Duct cleaning is significant for the effective working of your unit. The process of duct cleaning clean the system from the inside which allow the machine to filter the air effectively. When your heating and cooling system has the duct cleaned it required less energy to work efficiently. Therefore, it enhances the life span of your machine .

Why duct cleaning is important?

Duct cleaning is significant for the effective working of your unit. The process of duct cleaning clean the system from the inside which allow the machine to filter the air effectively. When your heating and cooling system has the duct cleaned it required less energy to work efficiently. Therefore, it enhances the life span of your machine .

Is it required to have the air ducts cleaned for a new home?

Yes, though it seems surprising, but you should clean the air ducts even at a new home. You know, there are several types of construction debris which can cause contamination that we find in air duct systems. There are fine particulates, like sawdust and drywall dust or other Construction materials. These can make their way into your system. So, if you need to keep your machine in a good condition, freed from all these pollutants, then you must go for a through professional cleaning.

What is normal price range for ducted heating cleaning service?

There are many ducted heating cleaning companies who offer very cheap duct system cleaning service. Cheap not always the best. They end up cleaning up in rush and end result cleaned without attention to details. However with us we tend to charge little extra for the extra service which would include:

  1. Return Vent Cleaning
  2. Deodrising & Sanitisation
  3. Carbon Monoxide Test
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Duct System Servicng

Our price range varies from $299 to anywhere between $999 depends upon if your duct cleaning repairing etc.

You Guys Service or Install Ducted Heating Unit?

Yes, our licensed plumbers are fully accredited, experienced, certified & trained in installing, repairing or servicing your ducted heating unit.

Is your duct cleaning company use antimicrobial chemicals?

Yes we use antimicrobial chemicals for duct cleaning to the interior surface of the ducts to treat bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. Please note: antimicrobial chemicals treatment not included in our standard duct cleaning service, additional cost may apply to avail antimicrobial chemicals duct treatment.

Your duct cleaners are certified?


Mark himself went to TAFE for getting diploma in ductworks maintenance and at Mark’s duct cleaning, we only hire certified and professional duct cleaners.

Is your plumber is licensed for heating unit full service ?

Yes, our plumber is fully licensed for any brand of heating unit servicing & repair including fan and burners servicing repair.Also our technician will provide duct cleaning, duct repair or heating unit servicing Completion Certification with guarantee.

Are you available for the Same Day Evaporative Air Conditioner Cleaning?

Yes, one of our duct cleaner can reach your residential or commercial property on the same day for evaporative air conditioner cleaning services anywhere in Melbourne.

Can you provide solution for animal intrusion in my ducts?

Yes, we do offer services for animal intrusion from commercial and residential ducts in Melbourne. Thus, look upon us for a range of duct cleaning services.

DIY Duct Cleaning Disadvantages?

Duct Cleaning yourself can not clean 100% your ducts. Thus, you need professional duct cleaners with heavy duty ducted heating cleaning equipment. After the cleaning you may be able to keep it clean yourself.

NADCA’s consumer guide to Duct Cleaning

How can duct cleaning save power?

Duct cleaning can save the electricity by proper ventilation of air. Thus, this keeps your place cooler and saves bill.

How much experience do you have in duct cleaning?

Marks Duct Cleaning has been delivering guaranteed duct cleaning services for more than 20 years. We extend our services to both residential and commercial ducts.

Do I need to prepare for duct cleaners’ arrival?

We would advise you to kindly move any movable furniture from the pathway leading to your duct system. Also, if there is any breakable item then you should remove it from the pathway. We bring in lots of equipment and the least we would want is to damage your furniture in the process.

Can you provide carbon monoxide testing?

Yes, our cleaners also perform carbon monoxide testing for your ducts. Further, carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas. Thus, one can only test its leakage through industrial level equipment. However, we do that at a very nominal cost in Brisbane.

What if I don’t get professional duct cleaning for my ducts?

There is fatal risk involved if you let your ducts work for too long without any professional intervention. Even a minor fault can lead to serious troubles. Moreover, lack of professional duct cleaning will lead to more power consumption. Also, bacteria and contaminants will be easily spread across your home/office through the dirty indoor air. In addition to that, you will be required to replace your duct much sooner because it has been found that ducts that are cleaned professionally on regular basis have a long life.

What is average Heater Duct Cleaning Cost in Melbourne ?

Heater Duct Cleaning Cost in Melbourne

Heater duct cleaning cost varies depending up the wheather ceiling or flood dut cleaning required. Few cheap companies out their offer you low cost of ductworks cleaning including return vent motor cleaning however when they arrive they double up the quote. Mark’s Duct Cleaning prices are fair and you do not have to pay extra other than additional service if required. On an average Professional duct system cleaning cost in Melbourne is around $27 per duct vent cleaning.

How often should I have my Cooling or Heating duct cleaned?

Your ducted cooling & heating ducts including return vent should be cleaned every year. Must get duct sanitizing and deodorizing done and if air flow is bad then get your duct work checked
Within few year dust mites and bacteria starting depositing inside your duct and cause bad smell, sometime dead rodent such as mouse got stuck in your duct and your duct air got bad smell, so we will highly recommended to clean or repair your duct every year or so

How to find out duct cleaning is required?

If you feel like the following, then possibly you would require ducted heating or cooling cleaning

  1. Smell from Duct Air is the most evident of that right time to clean your duct.
  2. If you brought established house and you never done central heating cleaning before.
  3. House furniture constantly dusty when central heater is in operation.
  4. Household members in the homes star experiencing allergies when you turn on your ducted heating or cooling.
  5. When you turn on ac or heating central heating and cooling system, if you start experiencing dusty odours that mean you need to urgently clean your ducts.
  6. Inspect the return air vent by taking off off vent cover, if you find lots dust around the duct, means you require return vent clean as well

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe to use for duct cleaning?

There is no harm in using Tea Tree Oil for the duct cleaning, since Tea Tree Oil contains natural germicides so its safe for duct cleaning.

After ducted heating or cooling cleaning, Is it possible to use the heater or cooling system straight after cleaning?

We would always recommend our customers open windows etc after cleaning if they wanted to use ducted central heating or cooling straight after the cleaning work is done.

Marks Duct cleaning provide any guarantee for the work?

Yes Marks Duct cleaning provide Customer Satisfaction Policy, if after ducted heating or cooling cleaning customer is not satisfied, please call us back and we send our cleaner to re-clean the entire duct system including return vent for free.

Do you work over the weekend?

Yes, we do work over the weekend as well, please call Mark on 0410 453 896 for the duct system cleaning quote for free. Please note : We do not charge extra over the weekend. Get your duct clean Saturday 7am – 5pm & Sunday 7am – 4pm.
We also provide emergency same day duct cleaning service if required 24 X 7

How much duct cleaning service would cost us?

Ducted heating cleaning cost depends upon number of duct vents you have at the property and also whether your duct need repairs. Usually duct cleaning or repair range in cost from $350 to $750 per heating and cooling system, also depend on what other services are required such as duct deodorizing or sensitizing etc, also whether you got ceiling or floor ducts.

How do I know whether duct repair is required?

If you are experience problem with your central duct air flow and after duct heating or cooling cleaning you feel not 100% air flow coming out of air duct vents. Then you probably need to call us on 0410 453 896 to diagnose the problem. Please note we charge minimum call out fee for the duct repair work. Our duct repair specialist will inspect all the pipes and other ductworks. Our professional cleaner will crawl down under your floor ducts and find out the problem. If your duct need repair we will repair your duct at the same time. Similarly if you are experiencing smell after your duct cleaning then you probably need duct repair. Most of the times dead rodent such as mouse or possum stuck in your duct work. Our certified duct repair specialist will remove dead rodent and you will start getting the fresh air.

How To Pay For Ducted Heating Cleaning?

We accept the following payment methods for the ducted heating cleaning work.

  • Credit Cards
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Internet Banking

How we can prevent dust from accumulating in the ducts to save on future duct cleaning costs?

There are number of ways you can prevent dust accumulating in your duct and you may avoid duct cleaning cost

Using air filter that tape it to the return air vent

  1. If you floor duct and if you are handy man, you have to crawl under the ground and have to wipe out any duct. You may use your domestic vacuum for duct cleaning.
  2. If you have ceiling floor duct, you can manually remove all the duct vents, use your vacuum to remove dust and clean all the vent with clean water and put all vent back.
  3. When you call us and get the duct cleaning cleaning us, please make sure you get deluxe duct cleaning then you probably do not need duct cleaning for next 2-3 years.

My ducted heater does not work can you recommend a certified tradesman for duct repair?

Please contact Mark – Certified Duct Repair specialist on 0410 453 896 for the duct repair.

Do you sell the duct vent, covers or grilles for the duct outlets?

We do sell duct work pipes if required. Floor duct register cover replacements and Vent Covers. Available in 15 colours.

Where I can find useful material for Duct Cleaning?

Can duct cleaning prevent spread of mould and bacteria?

Yes, professional and complete duct cleaning can definitely lead to prevention of mould and bacterial growth. A thorough duct cleaning involves a step of sanitizing as well that ensures that no bacteria or mould is left behind in your ducts. With Marks Duct Cleaning, you can be sure of getting rid of these fatal contaminants and fresh healthy air. Call us for a free quote.

When do you close?

We at Marks Duct Cleaning work on weekends and during evening hours too. We understand that you are too busy during the week with your work and other important things, which is why duct cleaning takes a back step in your priority list. So you make it a little easier for you, we are available all week through and you can avail our services at any time you like. Just give us a call and let us know to help us arrange for the service accordingly.

Do you provide Duct Repair?

Yes. We do provide all kinds of duct repairs too for both residential and commercial properties. If your duct is not working fine then it could need a repair, call us to find an economical solution!

Why should I Choose your Services?

There are various factors that give us cutting edge advantage over other cleaners in Melbourne and the first choice of thousands of our customers every year for a reliable duct cleaning service. These are:

  1. Affordable price – We offer cost-effective duct cleaning solutions.
  2. Flexible service – We work round the clock to provide you service at a time most convenient to you.
  3. Guaranteed results – Our duct cleaning services come with guaranteed results.
  4. Latest modus-operandi – We follow latest methods for duct cleaning.
  5. Qualified professionals – We have qualified and certified professionals.
  6. Locals – We locals in Melbourne so we know the area well.
  7. Eco-friendly products – We only use environment-friendly cleaning solutions.
  8. Unbeatable quality – Our quality of cleaning is of utmost level. It is just unbeatable!

How do you Clean the Ducts?

We follow a step-by-step procedure to provide you spotlessly cleaned ducts. The process begins the moment you give us a call for duct cleaning for commercial or residential purpose. Our cleaners visit your place to pre-inspect all the ducts that are to be cleaned. Next comes a close examination of the heater of the duct. It is checked to find out if it is working fine or not. Then our cleaners clean the air grill and the duct filters with the help of an air gun. Next step is to remove the return air vent and clean it thoroughly. Then our cleaners will again use air gun to properly clean the motor, fan and other parts of the duct. Finally, we spray bactigas in the ducts to make them hygienic for use. This complete process ensures that your ducts are cleaned and checked immaculately for a longer and healthier working period.

Can I ask for Same Day Duct Cleaning service?

Yes! We work round the clock so that our customers can get their ducts cleaned as and when they want. You can talk to our customer service executives and ask for same day duct cleaning service in any suburbs of Melbourne. We also take emergency service requests in case you need it. And all of this is provided at a very economical cost, keeping in mind the necessity of duct cleaning.

What if I am not Satisfied?

Mark is a duct cleaning expert and the entire team of Marks Duct Cleaning has been thoroughly trained to provide an unbeatable level of quality in cleaning services. We have experience of more than a decade and always have had completely satisfied customers. However, if in any case you feel unsatisfied with any of our cleaning services then you can just let us know and we will make it up to you. We will again visit the place and re-do the entire job at no additional cost. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and we work to achieve this single goal in every assignment that we take!

How long does takes to do the heater cleaning?

Heater cleaning takes approximately 30 min – 1 hour. If 2 heater cleaners visited the duct cleaning site, it might take less time to perform the duct cleaning.

However, if your duct heater require repair, that might takes extra time and may cost you extra.

Why do I need duct cleaning?

Ducts get dirty and amass dirt particles every single day. When you inhale the air thrown out by these dirty ducts, you are more likely to get sick. If you are noticing sneezing or coughing among your family members then probably your ducts are not throwing fresh, clean, hygienic, and healthy air anymore. And it is time to get your ducts cleaned professionally. The team at Marks Duct Cleaning ensures that your ducts are cleaned in a perfect manner to leave them in spic and span condition. All the contaminants and pollutants will be removed from your ducts so that you and your beloveds can stay healthy!

What would duct cleaning cost me?

Marks Duct Cleaning offers a perfectly economical pricing for all our services. You will be surprised to see our unbeatable prices for duct cleaning – be it residential or commercial. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we do our best to make sure that our customers are pleased with everything we have to offer – quality as well the pricing of duct cleaning. However, for an estimated amount for your specific requirements we would request you to give us a call and have a word with our customer executives. But we can guarantee you an unmatched experience with Marks Duct Cleaning.

How do I need to make the payment?

We at Marks Duct Cleaning offer you a variety of modes of payments that you can choose from. You can either pay us by cash when our cleaners visit your place or you can opt for any of the other options. For instance, you can make the payment for duct cleaning through cheques, credit cards or even online transfer. But at Marks Duct Cleaning we follow a simple rule. You only need to pay once we are done with the job and that too the service is up to your expectations. We assure you that you do not have to pay anything unless you are completely satisfied with our duct cleaning services.

Do you guarantee your services?

YES! At Marks Duct Cleaning we do guarantee our duct cleaning services every time we take a cleaning assignment in Melbourne. We have a dedicated team of extremely skilled and intelligent cleaners who have been doing duct cleaning for more than 10 years now. They know their job inside out and we are sure that you will be impressed with their performance. We have an invincible record of 100% satisfied customers since the establishment of our company. However, in any case if you do not feel satisfied then we will not ask for any payment.

Where are your services available?

Marks Duct Cleaning is available in all the suburbs of Melbourne. We have our cleaners staying in different parts of Melbourne so that our customers can have the convenience of asking for our premium duct cleaning services as and when they want. So irrespective of where you live in Melbourne; whether northern suburbs or southern we will be there at your service whenever you want as per your convenience.

Can you take care of animal intrusion too?

Yes, Marks Duct Cleaning is an animal intrusion expert when it is about duct cleaning. We have served our Melbourne customers with all kinds of duct cleaning services including animal intrusion. Whether your ducts have been penetrated by stray cats, rats or possums – our certified cleaners are equipped with the right experience and equipment to get rid of all. We advise you not to delay the duct cleaning if they have been intruded by animals because this could lead to fatal damage to your ducted heating systems.

Why do I need evaporative duct cleaning?

The evaporative cooler is bound to get dirty and magnetize algae, dust, slime and all sorts of pollutants. It must be meticulously cleaned annually during the season to ensure your family and loved ones do not get harmed with unhealthy air. The Marks Duct Cleaning team performs a thorough job by cleaning all parts including fan blades, pump, filter, filter pads, motor, surfaces, and base. In short, we take care of the complete interior and exterior unit.

What is your process for central duct cleaning?

At Marks Duct Cleaning, our certified and qualified cleaners follow an exclusive central duct cleaning process to ensure that you get a flawless service. We arrange of a visit by our cleaners as per your availability once you give us a call. Then our cleaners visit your place for a pre-inspection of your central duct system to notice what kind of work is required. We do pre-vacuuming in some cases and then we check the heater to see it is functioning properly. Then using air guns, we clean the filters and other parts of the duct system including return air vent. The last step is to clean the heating unit comprising motor and fan and then we deodorize and sanitize your ducts. We make your ducts healthier, fresher, and more hygienic.

How do I know what kind of service you provide?

Marks Duct Cleaning has been providing tremendously outstanding duct cleaning services in Melbourne for the last 10 years. Customer satisfaction being our one single goal, we have always aimed to please our clients with quality services and economical prices. To know what our customers feel about our services, our techniques, our cleaners, and the overall experience of appointing Marks cleaners, you can log on to our Review Page and see through the testimonials.

Can you clean cooking exhaust systems too?

Yes, we do clean cooking exhaust systems too. We remove all the dust and grease amassed in the ducts of your kitchens. We have the essential tools to clean cooking exhausts systems at commercial level too. So if you own a restaurant or commercial cooking joints, then we can offer you cleaning services at a competitive price. Just give us a call and get a free quote for the same.

What if I am not satisfied?

Marks Duct Cleaning has a track record of achieving absolute customer satisfaction in each cleaning project. We guarantee our work assuring our clients that they don’t have to worry about being mistreated or the quality of the service being provided. There are least possible chances that you will ever feel dissatisfied with our air duct cleaning or repairing. However, in case you feel so do let us know and we will re-do the entire service without any additional cost as per your satisfaction.

Do you perform carbon monoxide testing too?

Yes, Marks Duct Cleaning performs a carbon monoxide test to check whether your heating unit is working fine and is safe to be used. We also document the reading on your invoice once we are done with job. Carbon monoxide testing is essential to be done before using a heater because if there is a leakage then it could be fatal for you and your loved ones. To have your heater tested for carbon monoxide leakage, call us on 0410 453 896!

Do you have the right equipment for heater unit servicing?

Yes, Marks Duct Cleaning keeps upgrading our tools and cleaning techniques to be able to provide you the best of services. We have the latest tools to provide heater unit servicing so that you can use it safely without any hassle. Heater unit servicing should be done every season to ensure that there are no leakages and faults at all. Get it done today by giving us a call on 0410 453 896!

Can I buy duct parts from you?

Yes, you can get various types of duct parts from Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne. You do not have to shell a fortune for the same as we make sure to provide you these duct parts at lowest possible price in Melbourne. If you wish to know whether a specific duct part is available with us or not, please give us a call on 0410453896. Our advisors will be happy to help you.

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