Duct Cleaning – Do It Yourself and Save Money

Still wondering why you need to clean your air ducts regularly. When we do the air duct cleaning at our homes it helps the heating system to last longer than before. Air duct cleaning is so beneficial for the people who suffer allergies and Infection kind of problems very often. Most of the people don’t go for the cleaning of their duct as they don’t understand the importance of cleaning it and moreover they are conscious about spending money on it. So let us explain to you the ways using what you will be able to clean your home’s air duct heating system yourself without spending much money

How to Clean Your Air-Ducts By Yourself

Things That You Needed To Clean Air-Ducts:
  • Vacuum (Although a regular home vacuum can be used but ‘heavy shop’ vacuum will do better)
  • Brush
  • Screw Driver
  • Paper towels
Clean The Blower of your Air Duct
Clean The Blower of your Air Duct

Step by Step Procedure

1) Cover the supply registrars of your air ducts heating System

You will need to do this in order to prevent your home from getting the dirt and dust that will be extracted out during the whole process. You can use the paper towels to cover the supply registrars.

2) Keep The Fan Turned On

Keep your fan turned on in order to allow the dust from releasing its surface. Brushing will become easy moreover you will be able to remove more and more dust from the surface.

3) Clean Supply Registrars

Now begin sweeping out the dust from the supply registrars. Using a vacuum you can pull this dust out. You can use a hose to catch the dust removed during this whole process.

4) Now Clean the Returning Air Registrar

Now sweep out the remaining dust from the returning air registrars where you will require the use of a screwdriver to open up its parts. Duct Clean the complete cavity until whole dust gets removed out of it.

5) Turn Off Your Fan

Once you compete re-fitting the returning air registrars, simply shut down your fan to prevent dust from moving in the space and use brushes and broom to clean out this dust.

6) Clean The Blower of your Air Duct

In order to remove the panel of your air duct and get to the blower, you would need to turn off the whole system. The vacuum can be used to remove the remaining dust from the blower.

Duct Cleaning - Do It Yourself and Save Money
Duct Cleaning – Do It Yourself and Save Money

Is DIY Able to give the Desired Result?

The DIY method though helps you in saving money in case you have all the equipment for the cleaning, but you must keep in mind that there is a risk in the DIY. You may be careful but chances of getting cuts in the finger and disruption in the cleaning are often observed in the DIY. You should also know that there is no comparison of the work done by the professionals. So, we can say that DIY will not give the desired result and professionals will be a better choice.

Duct Cleaning Services By Professionals In Melbourne

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