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Dirty Ducts Contribute To Sick Building Syndrome

You can have plenty of reasons to do duct cleaning from time to time. These reasons cover the rise in efficiency, healthy ventilation and reduced dirt collection. However, the most fantastic benefit is “superior quality of air.” As the flu weather is nearing, it is your responsibility to maintain your ductwork so as to prevent sick building syndrome. Do ensure your building and nearby area is clean at all times. Moreover, if your employees are falling sick more often there may be a faulty air duct. 

Sickness That You May Get Due To Dirty Ducts Of Your Building

Mildew And Moulds

Mould and mildew often make infestations in your HVAC units. As these pests belong to darker, dirty and humid areas an inefficient ventilating area inside your ducts serves as the ideal place. These tiny pests further multiply and cause air borne diseases. These bacterias further pass through your ducts and ultimately you inhale them. Some common diseases accounted for this problem are- allergies, respiratory disorders and asthmas. Moreover, some employees also face certain symptoms like- coughing, irritated throat, eye infection and severe headaches. 

Viruses And Bacterias

Few viruses and bacterias also have the potential to pass through your HVAC air channels. Dirty and damp areas give an invitation to unwanted viruses and bacterias. And this makes your ventilating system weak inefficiency. Moreover, it can also add up to your building’s electricity bills. In addition to this, if you are feeling lazy to call duct cleaning experts, then we recommend you not to delay it. Professionals have the right equipment and disinfectants to clean all bacterias and viruses. 


Mites love to eat the dirty organic matter inside your ducts. If your HVAC ducts remain unchecked for a long time, it may have mite infestations. In fact, more than 100 dust mites can survive on 1 gram of dust. So, just imagine the amount of dirt your unclean duct may be having right now. Not only do these mites create a mess but also cause life threatening illnesses. As these tiny beings(mites) travel through your ventilation system they cover your building’s places within a few seconds of blowing.

So, if you do not wish to have the above mentioned sick building syndrome, maintain your ventilation system properly. Keep a habit of cleaning air ducts in regular intervals. Make sure the filtration and all other parts of your HVAC system are properly functioning. Moreover, keep a check signs indicating that HVAC need maintenance

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