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Looking to close off 1 existing duct, move another approx 20 meters to another room and relocate air return approx 3 meters, and then have all ducts cleaned. Thanks

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Duct Replacement

Hi we are looking to replace the ducts on our central ducted floor heating as they are very old and ineffective.

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Duct Cleaning

Moving into establish house and would like to get a quote for Duct cleaning. Is it possible to do communication through my email if possible as i am currently overseas and will be returning back soon.

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Ducts need repair / replacing

Hi , I have duct system under the house . The old style that apparently crush . My system is not functioning adequately so with tears in system or crushed need quote for repair or replace .. Regards Kathy

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Service ducted heating

Hello, I have just purchased a property and need the ducted heating serviced asap. What is the approximate cost involved? Are you available? Michelle

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