Commercial Duct Cleaning

Mark’s Duct Cleaning offers unmatched commercial duct cleaning services in Melbourne. We provide a complete range of services regarding commercial ducts. Our service potpourri comprises duct repair, duct installation, duct maintenance, air vent cleaning, AC duct cleaning, ducted heated cleaning, vent duct cleaning, evaporative duct cleaning and repairing. The best part is that all our services are provided at the lowest prices in Melbourne.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Melbourne

We are a team of local staff consisting of certified cleaners who are qualified and properly trained before they get any project. Our cleaners are skilled enough to tackle all kinds of ducts and clean them spotlessly bringing in fresh air in your commercial property. We are even equipped to get rid of any rats, mice, or any other animal if they get stuck in your ducts contaminating it.

What are you waiting for? Give your commercial premises cleaner and healthier air this season. Hire professional cleaners from Mark’s Duct Cleaning and stay healthy throughout!

Our Cleaning Process at Marks Duct Cleaning

Our skilled and experienced team of cleaners at Marks Duct Cleaning follows a unique procedure for cleaning commercial ducts. Here is how it works:

  1. First of all, you will have to take the initiative by giving us a service request call.
  2. Once we know when you are available for the cleaning service, we will send our supervisors to inspect your complete duct systems. You will be advised accordingly.
  3. The heater is the first part of the duct that is checked thoroughly to figure if it is working fine.
  4. Once this is done, all parts of the duct system are cleaned properly using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. An air gun is employed to clean air grill, filters, air vent, fan and motor. The complete heating unit is taken care of.
  5. Before our cleaners leave, they spray bactigas inside the ducts for any kind of odor removal and to give them a fresh and clean feel.

We work for your convenience and comfort, please let us know a suitable time for the visit and we will arrange for the same.

Best Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Why Only Mark’s Duct Cleaning?

Mark’s Duct Cleaning is a specialized professional cleaning service provider in Melbourne. We have been in the industry for more than a decade now and our clean track record makes us feel proud of our quality services that come at a rock-bottom rates! Here are some other reasons why people prefer Mark’s Duct Cleaning over other cleaners:

  1. 24×7 Availability – We work in accordance with your time schedule and we plan everything as per your availability. You can call us anytime of the day as our executives are there to answer your queries 24×7.
  2. Transparent and Direct – ou will find that we are direct, honest and transparent in our dealings right from the first call that you make to us.
  3. Guaranteed Result – Our services come with assured guaranteed results.
  4. Expert Service at Cheap Price – We offer a deadly combination of best service and cheap price.
  5. Emergency – We also offer emergency and same day services whenever required for our Melbourne customers.

Call us for a free quote! 03 4014 9992

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Would do business with again

Fantastic service. Good price. We'd take Mark up for duct cleaning again! A+
- Isaac

Husband loves Mark

Mark did such a great job on the duct cleaning that my husband wouldn't let him leave! He does a thorough job for a great price every time.
- Kelli & Greg

Duct Cleaning

I strongly recommend their services to anyone looking for a worry free answer to all duct cleaning problems at home or offices. Their efficient team and advanced processes would certainly make you prefer their services over all others again and again.
- A P.

Would do business with again

Fantastic service. Good price. We'd take Mark up for duct cleaning again! A+
- Isaac


Mark's duct cleaning provided us with the best quality clean we've seen. We won't be engaging another vender again!
- Georgina


Did the duct cleaning and repair service all in one day. Will be spending our money with Mark again for sure 🙂 xx
- Jackie

Quality Duct Cleaning Service

Mark's duct cleaning team came out to do the duct cleaning work for us, we found them on Google. The guys were very professional and courteous. Mark identified some of the problems with our furnace and recommended we do deep cleaning and coil cleaning which we did. Since then our system is working very efficiently and noticeably better duct air flow. Guys do use very good equipment and overall know what they are doin. We never have done duct cleaning in our place, but after seeing the job being done and what comes out of the ducts we are convinced that this should be done once a year. We are very very pleased with our Duct system Cleaning, wanted to give them 7 star rating if we could.
- Ian

Domestic Duct Cleaning - 5 Start Resutls

We have double story house and have 15 duct all over the house. Marks Duct Cleaning company is excellent at cleaning domestic duct. They removed rodent from our duct, removed the bad odor and repair duct by fixing broken duct work pipe. Honest, Reliable, On time & fair prices. I highly recommend Mark's Central heating cooling duct Cleaning.
- Peter

Best price - hands down

Mark did a fabulous job on our property, and he does it for an unbeatable price! We were shocked at how thorough and yet how cheap the service was. We'll definitely be making an annual booking with him now for all our duct cleaning.
- Elizabeth
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