Duct Cleaning Case Studies

Marks Duct Cleaning privileged to work with number of clients from small units to big homes, restaurants, schools, government offices and many more. Case Study 1 McDonald’s Melbourne CBD – McDonald store manager called us to check CO2 level testing of their Air Duct System. Our technicians found of old ductworks emitting lots of carbon monoxide. This could be hazardous for staff and customers. We cleaned all return vent , duct pipe works and service the system. Case Study 2 Our medical home Cranbourne called us for remove possible read rodent from their duct system. They were complaining about lots of smell coming out of their duct vents whenever they turn on their AC unit Our professional technicians found dead […]

Tips For Better Air Quality In Indoor

You can easily neglect your indoor air quality as you can’t witness it, but you can undoubtedly sense it. Symptoms such as sneezing, lightheadedness, runny nose, and wet eyes repeatedly cause when your air quality is compromised. Reduced indoor air can even show the way to various health issues in breathing. The following tips help you to resolve to inhale cleaner air.  Besides dirt, mud, and other trash, the soles of your shoes can also trap amounts of pesticides. There’s no intellect tracking that thing into your home to mess up your indoor air quality. Inquire with your family members and guests to take off  shoes at the entrance and set them in a shoe stand. Mats and carpeting trap allergens can […]

Duct Cleaning packages

12 Floor or Ceiling Vent Prices

Duct Cleaning Prices Number of  Vents Sanitisaton Deodrisatoin Return Vent Clean  6 Floor or Ceiling Vent Cleaned $170 $179 $199 7  Floor or Ceiling Vent Cleaned $185 $189 $199 8 Floor or Ceiling Vent Cleaned $220 $229 $235 10 Floor or Ceiling Vent Cleaned $235 $245 $255 12 Floor or Ceiling Vent Cleaned $255 $265 $275 *The minimum for the ducted heating cleaning service is $195 Visit Mark’s Duct Cleaning for more information.