How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

It is important for you to clean the air ducts in your house. If you do not clean them on time then they will not work effectively. You also need to clean them every 2 to 5 years. Cleaning an air duct will maintain its lifespan as well. Air duct also plays an important role in the smooth flow of cool and hot air in your house. If you do not clean them on time then you will also feel an unbearable smell in your house. Experts also says that dirty air ducts can affect your family’s health. It is also not easy to clean the ducts without the help of professionals. If you do not take action on time […]

Why is Duct cleaning Necessary especially during the summer?

Whenever the hot summer strikes, all of us head over to the nearest air conditioning switch so that we can get some cold air. But do you know that the duct of your air conditioning system might be dirty as it is the first time that you are going to use it since last season? You must get Air Duct Cleaning before you can move on to using your Air Conditioning System as there are a lot of benefits you can get by Cleaning Air Duct. So, without wasting any more time, let us get started with the reasons which make duct cleaning necessary especially during the summer. So, clean your ducts with professional help. And for this task, hire […]

How Does A Cleaned Duct Improve Air Quality In The House?

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There have been studies that prove that indoor air quality can be 2 or 3 times more polluted than the outside air. This can be a major problem if the fresh air that is coming from outside also gets polluted during its way inside and it can lead to a bigger problem. So, what is it that you should do to improve the air quality of the house? Well, in our opinion the first thing that you should do is Clean Air Ducts. Nowadays, air ducts are one of the most simple paths from which outside fresh air gets inside your house. If the Air Ducts are dirty then you can forget about having fresh air inside and it could […]

How to Clean Air Ducts on your own?

How to Clean Air Ducts on your own

We all know, why air ducts are important. They do the essential task of maintaining interior comfort by circulating the air from your heating and cooling systems into each and every room of the house. Inhaling fresh and clean air is the prime motto of installing the duct system in our house and office premises. It will be good if you know “How To Clean Air Ducts On Your Own?”. There are times when you might have felt difficulty in breathing or have noticed the odd smell in the house. This is the time when your ducts demand cleaning. If you are one of those people who does not consider duct cleaning important, let us tell you, the air produced […]

Maintenance and Repair of Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit

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Service To Repair And Maintain Your AC Units In Melbourne The cooling mechanism of evaporative air conditioning systems is a bit different from a normal air conditioner unit. Evaporative Air Conditioning is otherwise called a swamp cooler, desert cooler, or wet air cooler. If there is any problem with your AC units then it is the right time to get our technicians.  Here at Marks Duct Cleaning, our technicians for Maintenance and Repair of Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit can solve your all issues and give you an efficiently working Air Conditioning unit.  Duct Cleaning Services Science Behind Working Evaporative AC Units  This unit is a combination of a pump that circulates water from the storage tank to a cooling pad […]

The Importance Of Maintaining Clean Vent And Ducts

Importance Of Maintaining Clean Vent And Ducts

Healthy air quality indoors is essential for every individual to stay safe. 9/10 times, the air floating indoors is artificial because of the fumes and fragrances that mix together. Oxidation of smells such as smoke, curry gas and dust can make your duct perform within a reduced capacity. There is no way to explore except ducts and vents. We can determine how worse indoor air quantity can turn through unclean ducts. But the fluent cleaning will make you free air flowing tensions and get the fresh air simultaneously. Here are some efficient in maintaining ducts and vents. Significant of Air Duct Cleaning Air Duct Cleaners perform to eliminate all the debris and contaminated particles from the ducts and help the […]

Four Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

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Generally, you adopt the air duct cleaning process at certain times. But you might not be much sure which is the best time for cleaning your ducts. Also after there are regular intervals you need to carry on the same process for you. Well, the complete thing is a bit complicated and you need to analyze your ducts thoroughly time by time to get to know about the results. But there are also some of the other ways by which you can easily be able to find out that if you need your ducts to be cleaned. Here are four different signs that you can easily assist with. And can guide you in which time you need to clean your […]

How Does Duct Cleaning Help Keep Your Place Better And Cleaner?

Ducts always play an integral part in the complete household. There are various things that are interlinked with the ducts you are having at your home. But there are different times in which you baffle around to find out the best technique to clean your ducts. Duct cleaning is an efficient process and there are different other tactics and techniques. You need to assist according to the same.  If you are not concerned about any of such things there are different things which are likely to go misshapen. And you may not be able to create the same without spending much of your time. In situations like this, it becomes more acute for everyone to choose the most reliable tactics. […]

How to Prevent Condensation on Air Conditioning Ducts

Condensation on air conditioning duct when you notice droplets of water on and around your A/C ducts, occasional condensation. Nothing to worry about but when the condensation can seen too often it can be something you need to give some attention to.  Excessive condensation can lead to forming of mold and mildew around the ducts which can later spread in your house.  Condensation occurs when the air in the ducts is too cool, just as the water droplets can seen on cold water bottles, in the same way, water droplets can be seen on your ducts.  Other reason for condensation is if there is a crack in your ducts which leads to pouring out of cold air and reduces the […]

3 Reasons Why Your Split AC Not Cooling Enough

Summers are the best season of the year, long sunny days with ease to move around in your favourite t-shirts and shorts. Bright yellow sun shining on your head is the sign of hope, it’s all beautiful. But things can turn ugly if your split AC is not working properly and stops cooling enough. There can be multiple reasons for your Split AC’s ill working condition, But first, check if your split AC’s fan is set wrongly on your thermostat. Split AC’s fan might be on the wrong setting if you only feel an irregular or no cool air. Now Let’s Get to Know 3 Major Reasons Why Your Split AC is Not Cooling Enough: Split AC’s Evaporator Coil is […]